Cripping Mentorship in Academia

Cripping Mentorship in Academia Word cloud in the shape of a lightbulb. Words include: academia, crip, mentorship, mental health, embrace accessibility

At the university, where productivity often takes precedence and expectations align with non-disabled norms, it becomes imperative to consciously disrupt these paradigms. As a faculty member and undergraduate students in a critical disability studies program, we are committed to fostering inclusive mentorship relationships and we have embarked on a journey to “crip” our mentorship dynamics.  

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Introduction to Disability Justice

by Ayesha Tariq

Image of Ayesha- she has long black hair and a blue top on smiling at the camera

What is disability justice? When I think about it, it makes sense, but I’m not sure it’s as clear for others. It makes me think about this conversation I had with a faculty member, Dr. R, at my school. There was some talk among students about other students who were getting additional time on exams. Many comments were negative, calling it ‘unfair.’ But I think it was really a lack of understanding. Though it seems the students receiving this accommodation of additional time had an advantage, they really didn’t. Dr. R put all of this in perspective for me. She said the student’s accommodations were really a way to ‘level the playing field, so to speak.’ The additional time would put the students at the same starting mark as the other students. This is what’s meant by equity. Equal is giving all the students the same exam. But equity is giving all the students the same means (or accommodations) to take the exam. This made perfect sense to me. 

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