Meet Amanda Leduc

Amanda Leduc is the author of the novel THE CENTAUR’S WIFE (Random House Canada, 2021) and the non-fiction book DISFIGURED: ON FAIRY TALES, DISABILITY, AND MAKING SPACE (Coach House Books, 2020), which was shortlisted for the 2020 Governor General’s Award in Nonfiction. She is also the author of an earlier novel, THE MIRACLES OF ORDINARY MEN (ECW Press, 2013). Her new novel, WILD LIFE, is forthcoming from Random House Canada in spring 2025.
She has cerebral palsy and lives in Hamilton, Ontario, where she serves as the Communications Coordinator for the Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD), Canada’s first festival for diverse authors and stories.

The National Center for Disability, Equity, and Intersectionality had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Amanda. We discussed how her disability has impacted her writing, how disability is portrayed in fairy tales, and, of course, what she’s working on next. You can follow more of her work at

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