What we do

The Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities is an interdisciplinary coalition of stakeholders, including medical providers, researchers, ethicists, individuals with disabilities, and their family members. The Center’s goal is to identify and reduce life-limiting healthcare inequities faced by people with intellectual and developmental (ID/DD) disabilities. Healthcare inequities are preventable aspects of care that cause people to have worse health outcomes. Ableism contributes to these healthcare inequities.

The Center for Dignity aims to:

1) Increase understanding of gaps in existing policies and guidelines related to medical discrimination

2) Increase access to anti-discrimination guidelines co-created by clinicians, professionals, self
advocates, and family members;

3) Increase informational access on barriers to healthcare and the value of improved life outcomes for
people with ID/DD and;

4) Increase support for families and individuals with ID/DD to defend against heathcare discrimination.